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Episode 61: Rebranding: The Entire Process From Start to Finish

Episode 61: Rebranding: The Entire Process From Start to Finish

Today's episode is all about The Legal Paige rebrand process.  My thoughts on how and why I decided to rebrand, how important rebranding is to grow your business and grow as an entrepreneur.

Things I talk about:

  • How my brand evolved from the colors I originally liked to now.
  • The overall process from start to finish.
  • How I decided it was the right time to rebrand and slowly phased it in. 
  • I talk all about budgets for rebranding and what my opinion is on how much you need.
  • The team that helped make this rebrand possible!


Here are a few quotes:

"The Legal Paige was actually pretty like bubblegum pink, bright raspberry, very, very, very fun, feminine and girly.  After I started The Legal Paige in 2018, the end of 2018 and kind of by mid-2019 end of 2019.  I was really starting to realize, what took root was I lawyered very differently than how I acted as a photographer."

"I realized that I wanted everyone to land on The Legal Paige website and platforms all across social media and feel like it was a good, safe space and place for them to get their legal source of truth from."

“At the end of the day, I just don't want to spend hours and hours and hours working on the rebrand.  Then come back six, eight, twelve months later, and really not love it as much as you want it to.  That really comes with working with the right people and having the right budget for it.  So make sure you have the right budget and then block off time on your own calendar."

Links mentioned:

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