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The Legal Paige Podcast - Episode 63: Must Have Principles As An Adventure Photographer - With Maddie Mae

Episode 63: Must Have Principles As An Adventure Photographer - With Maddie Mae




When becoming an Adventure Elopement Photographer there are a few responsibilities and principles that you must follow. These rules, regulations, and standards have been set for a number of reasons including; protecting national parks and lands, and holding the industry to the highest standard. It's imperative that we *legally* protected with a leave no trace clause.

That is why I knew for this topic I needed my good friend and industry expert  Maddie Mae on the podcast. Maddie is an adventurous elopement photographer based in Colorado with her photography business Adventure Instead, and she educates elopement photographers across the country and world through her adventure. Maddie a force in the Adventure Elopement Photography world with her other lead photographers, Amber and Tori. Maddie also owns Adventure Instead Academy, and is one of the best educators out there for this growing photography trend. She teaches hundreds of other photographers, how to build a successful adventure, elopement photography business from the ground.

Episode Highlights

  • What is adventure photography.
  • The leave no trace principle.
  •  How important it is to be legally protected with a leave no trace clause in your contract as an adventure photographer.
  • Elopement photography 

Worth Noting

"It's really just about boiling back a wedding day to the intended core purpose, which is about with people committing their lives to each other.   You can have guests and you can have family at an elopement as long as you are the focus of the day and everyone who's there is onboard with your mission about."

"The leave no trace principles are a tool for access. They are not a set of rules, keeping you from the outdoors or keeping you from enjoying or being in the outdoors. I think that's a pretty prevalent misconception."


"Especially including that leave no trace clause in your contract is a great way to start the conversation and to mutually agree with yourself and with your couples upfront that we are going to be doing this event and I'm going to be helping you plan and show up to this event and document it in this beautiful place on public lands. with that comes a responsibility to make sure that we're doing this in a sustainable way."

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