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Episode 66: Becoming A Business and Brand Legally As An Influencer

Episode 66: Becoming A Business and Brand Legally As An Influencer

Today's episode I am sitting down with Casey Handy-Smith, an entertainment lawyer who helps influencers and creatives protect their brands with contracts.  She also is the founder of Contracts by Casey where she offers contract templates that provide clarity and business confidence for creative entrepreneurs.    Today you are getting you guys are getting two attorneys on this episode to talk with and chat through.  You also get to be flies on the wall as we go through influencer marketing. 

Things we talk about:

  • How to protect your brand and business legally as an influencer.
  • Influencer marketing, brand deals, and contracts.
  • What is a micro-influencer?
  • The negotiation with brand deals. 
  • How Casey saw brands and influencers navigate social change online. 


Here are a few quotes:

"The couple of things I would say to start with if you're new to this space or you're thinking about it, get familiar with those FTC guidelines.  Also just do your research generally on influencer marketing. Because there's a lot of stuff out there now that was not available I would say five, six years ago."
- Casey on how to get started in influencer marketing

"It's actually good practice, in my opinion, to have your own contract already in place so that if you do end up in a situation where the brand doesn't have a contract, you already have the paperwork and you're ready to go.  I think by going that approach as well, you have a much better understanding of what you're getting into because it's your contract and you will be surprised at how many brands will actually accept your contracts and not push back on that."
- Casey on if Influencers can have their own contracts

“Doing your research on the industry is huge and getting yourself a mentor who is already doing what you're looking to do so that you can run these things by them.  If you're not yet in a position where you can hire an attorney, me or someone to do these things on your behalf."
- Casey and her biggest tips in starting out as an influencer

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