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Episode 72: What's Your Updated COVID-19 Policy Moving Into 2021

Episode 72: What's Your Updated COVID-19 Policy Moving Into 2021


In today's episode of The Legal Paige Podcast, I am talking all about COVID-19, policies you need to have in place moving into 2021, and how to update existing policies to make sure you are legally legit! 


Things we talk about:

  • The policies you need going forward for 2021 to make sure you are legally legit. 

  • A look back from March to now and how things have changed. 

  • The importance of being update with your state guidelines and how to stay informed. 

  • How to update your contract and inform your clients. 

  • Why 2021 is the year to become stronger and more confident as a business owner. 

Here are a few quotes:

"I'm sure you're wondering how do I keep up with my state's COVID-19 updates. Well, first off in order to have a plan, you need to keep up to date on what your state's rules and guidelines are bore your business's operations. Now, this means knowing where to look for the information and one of the best places to do this is just to go to your"

"While you can't change any of your past contracts, I mean, you can always try to change and you can use, you know, contract amendments and just change things up a little bit. It would be really hard pressed for your clients to then sign the new COVID policy, but here's the trick moving forward. So as COVID, it has become kind of this unending thing in today's world until we really get these vaccines rolling out like millions and billions of people are vaccinated. You as a business owner are kind of posed with having to make some hard rules, especially for not allowing rescheduling in cancellations. Here's why, so I am seeing more and more business owners in the wedding and event industry, not allowing clients to move forward or cancel any more due to COVID."

"You can over-deliver in so many ways and you can be so clear, cut and upfront with your COVID policies that they feel like you are a professional and profound and like stead strong business owner. That is good for your clients and it's good for you. But what I don't want you to do is kind of be a wishy washy service provider moving forward, because ultimately you're not going to have a successful business."


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