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Episode 75: How To Charge A Rescheduling Fee As A Full Service Planner

Episode 75: How To Charge A Rescheduling Fee As A Full Service Planner



Welcome back to another episode of The Legal Paige Podcast! Today I have Brandee Gaar joining us. Brandee is a luxury event planner, thought leader, educational speaker and host of the "She Who Dares" podcast.


Episode Highlights

  • How to charge some type of cost when a client changes their wedding date.
  • What is a reasonable fee for rescheduling for a full service wedding planner.
  • The major things full service wedding planners need to think of when they charge a fee and the work involved behind the scenes to change a date.
  • How you can effectively communicate this rescheduling fee legally to your clients. 


Worth Noting

"When this all happened, of course, all of us were just like, we're not, we're not charging rescheduling fees. Of course, we're just going to help you. And so we were just jumping in head first, helping our clients. But now as we're starting to get into contracts that have rescheduled one or two times or contracts that were signed after we clearly knew that there was a pandemic. The game is changing a little bit."  - Brandee Gaar on how things have changed since the start of COVID-19 


"At some point we have to stop the bleeding and we have to understand that there's not just date availability, which is what we think about when we're thinking of our day of clients or event management clients, or what DJs or photographers are thinking about. This is really okay. How many hours can I possibly put into another date change? " - Brandee Gaar on what you need to think about and why we need to charge rescheduling fees


"It's best legally to be like, okay, I have you know, all the fees that you've paid at this point in time have already been used towards my services. And maybe you could wiggle room a little bit and be like, okay, like I understand maybe we'll transfer like a thousand of that over. I'll give you credit for your new contract, but here's the amount that I have worked. That's so clean cut. Do your clients to be like, yes, I understand you have done all of this work for me. I know I'm asking much more of you. So let's do a new contract. You can decide. I feel like that gives the full, like full service wedding planners, the power to be able to extrapolate the hours they've actually worked for that client." - Paige Griffith on communicating with your clients 


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