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Episode 81: Podcast Legalities With Haylee Gaffin

Episode 81: Podcast Legalities With Haylee Gaffin


In today's episode I am joined by podcast producer, Haylee Gaffin. To talk all about legalities when it comes to your podcast! Haylee is a photographer and podcast producer for creative entrepreneurs. She is the owner of Gaffin creative LLC.

Things we talk about:

  • How to avoid any sticky legal situations when it comes to your podcast.
  • What is a guest agreement and why it's so important for you as a podcast host to implement. 
  • The importance of copyright and how to make sure you're not infringing on that.
  • Why royalty free music is so important when it comes to building your podcast. 
  • The importance of hiring out a podcast manager to help you with all the behind the scenes work.
  • Hayley's tips for all things podcasting including keeping old content still fresh inside your podcast.


Here are a few quotes:

"What conversations are going to happen outside of your podcast. You never know what is going on in the world with certain episodes or topics that you may want to end up pulling the episode, or they might may want to end up pulling the episode. And if you don't have an agreement there that says that you can pull the episode, then you're out of luck." - Haylee Gaffin on the importance of having guest agreements for podcasts. 


"Every podcast manager, producer, whatever you want to call them will give you different options. I kind of leave it up to my client to decide what they want to do with their podcast, show notes and promotion. But I always recommend having a place to send all of your listeners that is not on a podcast player."
- Haylee Gaffin on the importance of promoting your podcast elsewhere then just podcast players. 

"When you have a guest on your show, the first thing is you'll want to send over that agreement, but then also getting everything that you need from them. So links, headshots, bios, anything that you're going to want on your podcast, do all of that from the very beginning. The reason I recommend this is because they may get very nervous after they've recorded their episode and take their sweet time, getting you all of the assets that you need in order to get their show or episode published." - Haylee Gaffin on the guest episode process from start to finish. 


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