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Episode 84: Stop Being Scared To Pivot

Episode 84: Stop Being Scared To Pivot


In today's episode of The Legal Paige Podcast I'm going to share something I don't normally talk about, and I'm not going to talk about anything really legal. I just really want to have a candid conversation with you all about why we all need to stop being scared to pivot in our lives. Most importantly, pivot in our businesses!! It is all about what your heart and passions are telling you to do and where they're leading you.


Things we talk about:

  • The traditional path I took (like most take) and how I made a big left turn.
  • How I pivoted not only from photographer to lawyer but also from traditional law life to The Legal Paige.
  • What building this online legal platform looked like in the very beginning.

Here are a few quotes:

"Don't do things drastically. I just don't recommend that. Be kind with yourself, be gentle with yourself, do what feels good at your own pace, but it's okay to pivot. It's great to pivot. I want you to embrace it. Understand that life has all kinds of twists and turns and you can take a right turn and you can take a left turn and you can take a full 180."


"Life is not about the straight and narrow. It's all about what you can do to better yourself and better the life that you have. And be a better person and have more to give to others around you. I'm able to donate to more places now and have better charitable contributions. I'm able to have more time with my family and friends. I'm able to have more personal time for myself. I'm able to really truly feel like my heart and soul and my passions and skillsets are all in the right place."


"Don't pivot the way everybody else says is the right way to pivot. Do it your way. My friend. Pivoting is great. Pivoting is good. I give you all of the permission to pivot just like my judge did as well."


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