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Episode 85: How To Order The Clauses In Your Contract

Episode 85: How To Order The Clauses In Your Contract

The most popular question I continually get asked is... Paige, how do I order my contract clauses in my contract?  What should it actually look like from top to bottom? Tune in for my full answer!


Things we talk about:

  • Clauses in your contract and the order.
  • Why the order of these clauses is so important. 
  • Also how you could be sending your contract, what to do if you send them as a PDF, or through your CRM system.

Here are a few quotes:

"Usually the contract becomes effective after both parties sign. So on the date of both parties, signatures below is kind of a clause that you want to have in that introductory paragraph. So after you do your contract title, your business name, that introductory paragraph, you're going to have the general terms and conditions of your actual contractual relationship with those clients."


"Make sure you're explicitly delineating that epidemics and pandemics are included in force majeure clauses. They oftentimes weren't previously, usually it was just acts of God, terrorism, avalanches, you know, so on and strikes all kinds of different things like that. Actual viral issues were never a huge consideration for force majeure events and shutting down the world. But now in today's day and age, we need to have those listed."


"Make sure if you are sending any type of PDFs or actual four cornered documents that you have the page numbers at the bottom, that's very important. So page one of nine, two of nine, three of nine. If you're just sending through an online CRM system, it's okay to not have page numbers."


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