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Episode 86: The Most Overlooked Contracts

Episode 86: The Most Overlooked Contracts

I am talking all about the most overlooked contracts. As a business owner, I want you to start adding certain contracts to your legal toolkit.


Things we talk about:

  • The contracts I want you to add to your legal toolkit.
  • Why some agreements are overlooked but needed when starting any business.
  • Why you need more in your toolkit then just your standard client agreement
  • And so much more!

Here are a few quotes:

"Worker agreements is just something people were afraid to implement because they're like, why do I really need this? Do I really need a second shooter agreement? Do I really have to have them sign an independent contractor agreement. Can we just like agree to this back and forth via email? What if I have like an assistant that's working for me in my H MUA business. That list can go on and on. And the one thing you need to have in place though, is a designated contract with them."


"If you are a guest on a podcast and you're not signing an agreement, probably ask for one or make one and send it to them. If you are running podcasts and you're listening in make sure that you add podcast guests agreements to your workflow, essentially what this guest agreement does is it explains how the episode is going to be disseminated, probably worldwide that your company owns the copyright ownership over their, over their name, likeness, voice, so on and so forth."


"Now there's online platforms that ask for print release forms on behalf of a photographer. If in the metadata, it is copyrighted by a photographer. They're going to ask for a print release form and you don't want your clients to have to come back and ask you for this. If you just give it to them, they have it on hand and they can use it when they need to."


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