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Episode 87: Are Contract Templates Really Worth It?

Episode 87: Are Contract Templates Really Worth It?


Are contract templates worth it? Should you buy one? Should you have it reviewed by an attorney in your state? Where do you get them online? Is it actually something that I should spend my hard-earned business money on? Or should you get a fully customized contract from a lawyer?


Things we talk about:

  • My answer on if contract templates are really worth it.
  • When a contract needs to be reviewed by a lawyer in your state.
  • When is it more beneficial to get a fully customized contract.
  • What makes The Legal Paige contract templates different, and what's all included!

Here are a few quotes:

"Oftentimes, contracts, attorneys in your state has no idea what type of business you're running. They just kind of know the general specifics of drafting a contract. They understand your state laws. And they're going to make one to the best of their ability, but they have no idea what it's like to run a business in the online world. They have no idea what clients are doing to you online. They have no idea kind of what is happening and what's the status quo. And what are clients saying to one another? What are industry professionals saying to one another? That is the TLP difference. There is, we are essentially giving you a contract template that is pretty much 99% done. Then all you have to do is get the checkbox from your attorney."


"Here at TLP, i.e., me and my legal team pour our heart, soul and expertise into every template that we put out. We also do a variety of things that I think puts our templates above the rest. We seek out industry professionals in those niches to help us develop critique, edit, and make that contract template exactly what it needs to be for that specific industry. We get various industry professionals to look it over because they might tweak things and do something a little bit different."


"Everybody's getting into online business ownership and people who run an advertise via only social media and Facebook and Google and the internet. I specialize in that kind of law because when I was an entrepreneur, I still am an entrepreneur. But when I was getting into photography, I knew that people needed an easy button to press for legal help. I wanted to be that person on the other end of the easy button."


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