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Episode 90: What I Learned In 6 Weeks Off Social Media

Episode 90: What I Learned In 6 Weeks Off Social Media

Today's episode of The Legal Paige Podcast is all about what I learned in six weeks off social media. I realized during my first trimester that I couldn't be on social media as much. So my team and I created a plan and we decided they would primarily post on social media for me. This allowed me to get off of it for the most part for six straight weeks and we learned a lot.


Things we talk about:

  • Why I felt like I really needed to protect my emotional energy during those six weeks.
  • What I learned as a business owner, leader, and as a person during that time.
  • How my team and I developed a plan that worked to still show TLP content.
  • What we will do differently as a team going forward regarding social media, my pregnancy, and more. 

Here are a few quotes:

"I was worried about not being as visible, and not be in the forefront of people's minds anymore. I would say that is a fear that you do not need to be worried about when you're on social media, as long as you're producing something... You can totally take a step back." 

"We are moving to a four day workweek if you've seen on social media, I've talked a lot about that. Which I promise I will do a whole podcast on it. I promise. But with that we have learned, okay Paige can take off time from social media and the team kind of just picks it up for me."


"Don't be scared. Just do it. You are a person, you are a human, we all have things that go on in our lives and social media. Is not your priority. It does not need to be the, be all end all of your success. So you're fine to get off social media. You're fine to move on in your personal life. And then when you jump back on, I just always tell people like why I was gone or what happened and now I'm back in."


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