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Episode 91: Legal Q&A From Our Facebook Group

Episode 91: Legal Q&A From Our Facebook Group


Welcome to this episode of The Legal Paige Podcast! Today, I am going to do a legal Q&A from questions that have been submitted over the past couple of months in the Legal Paige Community Facebook group. I am answering questions including COVID-19, vaccinations, contract clauses, and so much more!


Things we talk about:

  • Essential contract clauses you need to have, including model release forms, certain adventure elopement clauses, and so much more!
  • Do you still need to mention COVID-19 in your contracts? Find out my two cents on the situation (spoiler alert: yes you do)!
  • Vaccinations: is it legal to ask if someone is vaccinated, can you even ask your employees, and so much more!
  • LLC's, Sole Proprietor, and what you need to start your business. 

Here are a few quotes:

"Do we still use the COVID clause in our contracts for newly booked weddings? Are we past that? YES, absolutely use a COVID-19 clause in your contract. This is not going away anytime soon. We just have vaccinations out there and some people are yes immunized towards the virus, but we have no idea what's going to happen in the fall and winter. I've heard lots of talk from health professionals surrounding when the virus could come back up, and there's all kinds of different variants out there." 

"Do I need to have ever family member I shoot sign a model release form?  So your family photo shoot contract you're sending out should include the model release clause. In your contract, you just want to make sure that your listing who will be present. Then when they sign the contract, they are signing onto the mall model release as well."

"I struggled with what I needed to get like a license or an LLC, a tax ID. I'm wondering why, and if they're important to have for legal and business reasons?  This question is awesome!!!! I would say, first point you need to get our freebie! We have like the 10 steps to get started as a new business owner. It's a really simple checklist with great links to where you can go to get information about getting your licenses, looking for licenses, getting your LLC, and your tax ID, your EIN number through the IRS, which is free as well."


Links mentioned: 

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