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Episode 92: Letting Go Of Control: Are You REALLY The Only One Who Can Do That?

Episode 92: Letting Go Of Control: Are You REALLY The Only One Who Can Do That?


Today, I am going back to a little more of a big sister Paige type of podcast episode. So this is definitely not legal heavy and more entrepreneurial advice. I am talking all about letting go of control as a business owner.


Things we talk about:

  • My suggestions for letting go of control.
  • Why this is so important in allowing yourself to grow and scale.
  • Additional help: my quick tips on delegating to a team.
  • A glimpse into The Legal Paige's onboarding process.

Here are a few quotes:

"I did that at the beginning where I would just hire people and be like, oh, let's just see how it goes. That gives no one, a clear indication or path of how they're going to be working for you or what to expect. You're setting zero expectations from the get-go." 

"I want you to not micromanage everything. I want you to understand that micro-managing has a bad connotation. So your workers are going to be annoyed and they are going to have a bad feeling about you over micro-managing things."

"I don't want you to frantically hire. And I've of course other podcasts do about how I suggest like hiring and making sure that you're getting the right team members on board. So definitely consider doing so beforehand so that you don't end up in a situation where you hire the wrong person, because you're literally desperate. You don't want to get to the desperate stage is what I'm trying to tell you. Because if, if you're hiring someone based on desperation, they're probably not going to be the right fit."


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