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Episode 93: Utilizing A Copywriter For Your Business

Episode 93: Utilizing A Copywriter For Your Business

Today, is such an amazing episode because I also have The Legal Paige's copywriter Ana Woods!  We are going to be talking very candidly in this episode all about utilizing copywriters in your business! 


Things we talk about:

  • My tips on how we have gone about having a full-time copywriter.
  • Why Ana is the best in the business and what she does for TLP.
  • How a copywriter can really elevate all areas of your brand and business.
  • Of course we sprinkle in a tiny bit on the legalities of hiring a copywriter!

Here are a few quotes:

"I think that the the return on your time is worth the investment a hundred fold. Because if you work with a copywriter long enough, they can be your voice without constantly having to talk to you. They can just take over in a way that is still true to you. So it's not like it's not your voice or like you're losing control, but they've just spent so much time mastering your message, that it's an extension of you." - Ana on why a copywriter is worth the investment

"She was my first hire, my most important hire and I got all that time back. So then I had those hours and hours and hours of writing copy and strategizing and all of that backend selling and converting. I was able to give that to somebody else, and then I could do more customer service things, product building, etc." - Paige on why Ana was her most important hire


"If you think about whoever you hire, as someone who could potentially grow with your business, it gives you kind of the time to learn how to release control, and to allow them the time to master your voice and learn it so well that you feel comfortable really seeing the control." - Ana on copywriters and roles they will grow into


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