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Episode 94: Hire, Manage, And Onboard A Remote Team

Episode 94: Hire, Manage, And Onboard A Remote Team

Today's episode I am going to be chatting about team building, how to hire, manage, and onboard specifically a remote team. Now the reason behind why I'm talking about only remote teams is because The Legal Paige is almost entirely remote. 


Things we talk about:

  • How I onboarded my independent contractors.
  • The methods I used to hire my full-time team members and how that was different from the independent contractors.
  • My "secrets" on how I started my remote team.
  • How to have not just a legally legit remote team, but also an organized team!

Here are a few quotes:

"That's really important that you set that expectation in your onboarding process, especially as a manager of say, you're just hiring your first independent contractor. Like don't just throw them to the wolves and expect them to do really well. You have to be ready to manage them and onboard them."

"Then what questions do you have for them regarding that? So it's kind of more of like a futuristic interview. The second interview is thinking, okay, I'm very interested to have you on my team and it's not so much, like you're asking those basic interview questions."


"So the key tools that we use at TLP are Slack. I'm sure you've all have heard of it. It's like a DM-ing system back and forth. I like to keep it very separate from texting. I don't like to text my employees and contractors, their personal phone numbers are their personal phone numbers, and we keep it very separate that way as well."


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