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Episode 95: 5 Tips To Ensure You're Protecting Your Brand

Episode 95: 5 Tips To Ensure You're Protecting Your Brand


Today I am sharing with you my five tips to ensure you're protecting your brand. This is a very legal centric and legal heavy podcast episode, so let's dive in.


Things we talk about:

  • My tips for ensuring your entire brand is protected, right down to even your logo. 
  • Surface level things you need to thing about as you are creating your brand. 
  • Why you should trademark your brand. 
  • And my advice for implementing my top five tips and where you should start first!

Here are a few quotes:

"Number one for protecting your brand is to trademark your brand. There is nothing worse, you guys then building a brand from the ground up, and then you are like, oh, maybe I should trademark this a few years in. You look later and see that the name is already taken, my heart breaks for you as a trademark attorney." 

"The main thing you need to know is that unlike trademarks that are not automatic, you don't just like suddenly own a trademark. You actually have to federally register it for you to have ownership over that actual mark throughout the United States. You do have limited copyright protections just from the get-go. So the minute you click the shutter on your camera you've composed that image and it's fixed in a tangible medium on some type of media."

"Make sure you have solid client contracts in place. Always be thinking about what additional contracts you may need for this purpose or this partnership or this collaboration that I'm doing with someone else. When you're ready and you have kind of your feet grounded under you, you have more spendable disposable income in your business, you can then hire an attorney to help you. That is when you are a next level brand who is in the protection mode of getting federal trademarks and federal copyright registrations for your business."


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