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Episode 96: Makeup Artistry And Legalities With Erin Nay

Episode 96: Makeup Artistry And Legalities With Erin Nay

Today is all about makeup artistry and what you need to know to be legally legit as a makeup artist in the wedding and event industry. I am so excited to have makeup artist Erin Nay join us today for this episode!


Things we talk about:

  • Top tips to be legally legit as a makeup artist in the event and wedding industry.
  • How the makeup artist industry has really changed and evolved since COVID-19.
  • Erin Nay's approach to how to work closely with other industry professionals during the morning of the wedding. 
  • And after 15 years in the industry what her biggest advice when it comes to certain sticky situations and how to avoid them.

Here are a few quotes:

"So that was the hardest part with COVID, we don't have the option to social distance and our clients really can't wear a mask when we're doing their whole face. Some people will do their eye makeup and the client can wear a mask for half of the, the appointment. But when COVID hit in March it shut us down. We couldn't provide any services initially because we didn't know what was going on, and how COVID was contracted." - Erin Nay on COVID and the Makeup Artist industry

"What I do is I reach out to the photographers and have an open form of communication with them. I reach out to them before the wedding day. I either email them or if I see them beforehand at another wedding I just have a quick introduction with them and let them know who I am and that I'm working a wedding with them, so-and-so is the bride and let them know like the makeup schedule." - Erin Nay's take on her working relationship with wedding photographers

"I have an allergy and sensitivity waiver in the contract for the bride. Then I do send that additional ones individually to the bride to send to all of the attendance that I'm working on so they can fill out their own waiver. It requires them to list any sensitivities, allergies, skin conditions as well ahead of time."
- Erin Nay on makeup artist contracts


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