Episode 99: COVID Update: How To Best Prepare For The 4th Wave, Vaccine Requirements, Cancellations, Potential Restrictions, And More

Welcome to this episode of The Legal Paige Podcast. Today, I am talking about sticky situations that are likely going to start to come up, especially as COVID cases continue to rise here at the end of summer, and beginning of fall 2021. This is more of an update to the COVID situation for wedding vendors, especially as this fourth wave starts to occur.


Things we talk about:

  • Vaccine requirements, and cancellations. Especially if you're not vaccinated. 
  • Potential restrictions coming into play. 
  • Following State guidelines and how to prepare for the 4th wave. 
  • How to be well prepared to defend your contractual position, also to defend your own business morals and values to your clients.

Here are a few quotes:

"I want you to know now in this intro that this is not a pro one side or the other here. It's just a very real situation that people are facing.It obviously implicates contracts, contracts you currently have with clients and contracts that you need to fulfill your performance on whatever type of vendor you are at a wedding, whether that's you need to provide photography services, videography services, DJ services, etc."

"So wherever you stand in the COVID debacle, I would say is where you need to have your feet firmly grounded. Because if you start kind of getting wiggly and you are giving your clients options to do this and this and this, if you start kind of getting wiggly and you are giving your clients options to do and then you're giving other clients the options to do that and that, and that looks bad for your business. I want you to be very prepared with this is where I stand."

"I can't just tell you blanketly, this is what you do. You need to be aware of what is going to be implicated and how you would go about. Explaining to your clients that you're unvaccinated. So first and foremost, communication is key here. If you get any of these emails from your clients or calls, call your clients, text you surrounding this. The first thing I would do is get on the phone with your clients. I do not think that this is a conversation that needs to be had via email to start with. Of course, I always want you to have documentation thereafter, but this is a conversation where you have to be very clear to your clients, and what your stance is on it."


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