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Episode 19: Going from an Online Business to setting up shop the Brick and Mortar way!

Episode 19: Going from an Online Business to setting up shop the Brick and Mortar way!

Calling all business owners! Whether you run a business online or have set up shop this episode is for you! My guest today is my dear friend and fellow Montana lady, Tiffany Williams, with Tiffany Williams Photography. She is talking all about her transition from her online business that provided online digital photo services and galleries, to a brick and mortar studio environment. Thus, she went from what most photographers know as a “shoot and share concept” (giving all high-resolution digitals) to an “in-person print sales” concept. She’s here to share her experience and tips with you!


In this episode we talked about:

  • Tiffany’s early photographer career making money for her family as a stay at home parent.
  • How and why Tiffany managed to grow her digital online photography business to a full-blown brick and mortar.
  • Where Tiffany’s idea of opening up a studio came from and how she transitioned from in-person sales while having a studio.
  • How photographers can provide such a great experience for their clients providing them things they either don’t understand or would have never thought of.
  • How Tiffany avoids being “salesy” and gives her clients the service and experience they need and want.
  • Some of the numbers in revenue for Tiffany’s business starting out and how they compare to now.
  • What Tiffany and her company’s presence has in her community.
  • Tiffany getting valuable knowledge from The Legal Paige, her process into looking into the regulations of her local governing authority, and her advocating for putting contracts in place to protect you and your business.
  • The learning curve for Tiffany building her team and deciding whether or not she needed to setup for an employee or contractor.

Here’s a few quotes that we thought were awesome:

<8:10> “If you are a photographer, "prince over Pixels."

<13:51> “I started looking around and wanting a space outside of my home that I could do my work.”

<19:00> “I don't want you to walk away with a USB or a folder on your computer full of digital images. My goal is to get you something that will go on your walls.”

<27:49> “It never feels forced. It never feels like, hey, you have to walk away from me spending $3,000 and you're going to get 7x7's and all these different sizes. I'm just presenting them options...I’m never pushing anything on them”

<35:26> “One of the core values of Tiffany photography is community and being invested and giving space for other people to shine.”

<45:49> “Really know what the differences between an employee and independent contractor are. And what you need to get from them kind of on the front end to work with both.”

Links Mentioned On Our Show:

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