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Episode 29: Preview & Prosecco: How Adding a New Service Into Your Business Can Add to Your Bottom Line

Episode 29: Preview & Prosecco: How Adding a New Service Into Your Business Can Add to Your Bottom Line


Today I'm chatting with my good friend Alisha Crossley all about her incredible service offering: Preview & Prosecco. Alisha is a recovering English teacher turned fine art wedding photographer and is the owner of Alisha Crossley Photography. With a background in literary arts, Alisha's love for storytelling is fully embraced behind the camera as she lovingly directs her subjects. Alisha has heart for sharing methods of success with fellow photographers and can’t wait to tell you all about Preview & Prosecco and how adding a new service into your business to serve your clients can add to your bottom line!

Things we talked about:

  • Intro into Alisha's Preview and Prosecco Parties
  • Adding a new service into your business
  • Selling from a place of serving your clients
  • How to best answer your clients' pain points
  • Hand holding your clients through the process of buying fine albums and wall art

Here are a few quotes from the episode:

  • (5:04) I never thought that 10 years ago I'd partner with other fellow creatives and I'm humbled for experiences like this to talk to other creatives and to shed the light on some of the lessons I've learned over the past 10 years to give them a leg up
  • (21:32) Its a beautiful dance shooting with my husband now. We definitely fight, but the craziest things miraculously turned into a great business venture.
  • (27:45) With the parents of our clients there is even more of a technology gap. So, we do an in-person party to celebrate the photos, show them how to use the gallery, download, and give the opportunity to ask questions.
  • (29:05) Preview and Prosecco came about as an answer to our clients' pain points.
  • (32:10) Now my brides ask if the Preview and Prosecco Party is included in the packages. Its created buzz and now my brides are requesting it and are willing to pay extra for it. Its so affirming.
  • (58:25) I've learned that there is a whole other layer of being a business owner. There is so much more emphasis put on contracts and trademarks and I have been able to protect my business with Paige's help.

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