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Episode 32: The Value of Having a Life Coach

Episode 32: The Value of Having a Life Coach


Have you thought about hiring a life coach, but you weren't quite sure what to expect? Episode 32 is here and it is for YOU!! Alexandra Kaval is certified professional life coach and the founder of Grace Space Christian Coaching where She provides an inspirational and judgement free space for women to grow. A space where you can transform from overwhelmed to overjoyed.


Today, she is here to tell you ALL the things about what a life coach can bring to your life, why you need a plan for your life and what to expect when working with a life coach. Want more? Listen now!

Things we talked about:

  • How life changing it is to make space to breathe, react and plan ahead
  • Using life coaching as a tool for success in both your business and personal lives
  • What to expect when working with a life coach
  • How to make your vision board come to life

Here are a few quotes:

  • (4:43) "Coaching is helping to empower and facilitate someone through a process so they can come to the solutions on their own."
  • (6:56) "You need a life plan just like you have a business plan."
  • (11:05) "The best day to get started is not January 1st; it is the day you feel motivated to do the thing. "
  • (17:45) "Life coaching is a form of self care."

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