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My Service Provider Deleted EVERYTHING, Here's How To Deal...

My Service Provider Deleted EVERYTHING, Here's How To Deal...


One of the smartest things we can do to grow our businesses is HIRE.  

It’s impossible to take on every project + task while also trying to do what we love, have a life, and be the visionary/CEO. Over the years, The Legal Paige has brought on over 30+ contractors that have been life-changing for our business, terrible, and everything in between. 

But what happens if you hire someone as a contractor and things go majorly wrong? 

How can you stay legal and protect your business? What steps can you take to prevent something going even more wrong once the cookie starts to crumble.

In Episode 162 of The Legal Paige Podcast, I am sharing how you can protect your business assets and what happens if a relationship with a service provider goes wrong.  


Tune into Episode 162 for a service-provider horror story that changed how I do business, ideas on how you can legally protect your business before sticky situations happen, what to do if your service-provider deletes everything, and more! If you want more helpful business advice as you’ll hear on the podcast, be sure to join The Legal Paige Facebook Community where thousands of entrepreneurs just like you are getting real-time answers about running a professionally and legally legit business.

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