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The Third Party Payor Is Refusing To Sign… Now What?

The Third Party Payor Is Refusing To Sign… Now What?


Attention, Photographers, Planners, Videographers, DJs, Florists, and all service providers collaborating with couples and their families for weddings and events… This episode of The Legal Paige Podcast is tailor-made for you.

Recently, within The Legal Paige Facebook Community, a member encountered a rather tricky scenario. Parents of the couple opted to cover the costs for the services provided. Our community member, keen on staying legally sound, went the extra mile by furnishing the parents with a third-party payor addendum sourced from our shop.

But here's the twist—the parent in question wasn't too thrilled, said some unkind words, and declined to put pen to paper. Now, legally speaking, this raises a major red flag.

Now, what's the best course of action for this service provider? Is it a matter of discontinuing their relationship with the clients? Should they proceed with the third-party payment sans the signed agreement?

In Episode 161 of The Legal Paige Podcast, we delve into this complex scenario, exploring how to navigate these challenging waters. And fear not, because I'll be offering my expert guidance as your friendly online attorney! 



Tune into Episode 161 for a service-provider horror story that proves just how important it is to have a third party payor addendum, and how to navigate a sticky situation when the third party declined to put pen to paper! If you want more helpful business advice as you’ll hear on the podcast, be sure to join The Legal Paige Facebook Community where thousands of entrepreneurs just like you are getting real-time answers about running a professionally and legally legit business.

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