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The Legal Paige - How to Use a Contract Addendum

How to Use a Contract Addendum

A contract addendum is a document that has language being added on to an existing contract.

Because you are modifying a contract with additional items not originally included in that agreement, an addendum is generally attached to (or in some CRM cases, added at the bottom of) the original contract signed by you and your clients. 


Rescheduling Addendum

This document is included in our Contract Addendum for Rescheduling and is used when your clients have a new date to reschedule their event to AND you are fully comfortable with the language in your existing contract.

How to use it in various CRM Systems:

If you use Honeybook, 17 Hats, Dubsado, Hello Sign, ShootQ, or other contract signing CRM systems, you will have to see what options you have to edit and amend a contract. If you can go in and actually edit a contract, then you will want to attach this Rescheduling Addendum to the bottom of the contract (so the original contract sits above it and is basically “attached”) and have your clients sign the updated contract with the addendum at the bottom.

If your CRM system does not allow you to edit an already signed contract, you can still send out this Rescheduling Addendum as a new contract. When doing so you will want to delete the “This Addendum amends and modifies the attached original Agreement” language at the top of the document and put in place the date the original agreement was signed by both parties. You can write in something along the lines of "This Addendum amends and modifies the original Agreement signed by Clients on date and signed by Company on date”. Then, just have your clients sign this new addendum that would modify the original agreement for the new rescheduled event date.

A few more tips:

Most clients should easily sign this addendum without any concern or issue since it's just changing your date of services.


Also, if you’re a photographer and are rescheduling your services with your clients AND adding on an associate photographer to take your place because you are not available and your clients have agreed to have an associate shoot for you, you will need to add in more language in your addendum. We created a Contract Addendum for Rescheduling and Adding on an Associate Photographer that includes all the language you'll need for this purpose. This is a separate addendum that you can buy in the TLP online shop and is only $97!



Contract Addendum For Rescheduling

Contract Addendum for Rescheduling and Adding on an Associate Photographer

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