Spring Cleaning for Your Biz!

Its officially springtime here in Montana and I'm seriously SO EXCITED!!! The winters around here are lonnnggggg, so all the sunshine lately is giving me a rush of energy! That being said, I'm totally in the spring cleaning mood. I've been selecting new patio furniture for our backyard (we just bought our first home in September and haven't bought any outside furniture yet), getting my yard ready for summer, and cleaning out closets and the garage to get ready for a big garage sale in a week. But, ya know what, while many of us de-clutter our personal lives in the springtime ... what about our businesses?! You can totally pump new life into your business by transferring this springtime cleaning routine into your work! Here are my top 5 things to do to spring-clean your biz:

1. Update your website Updating your website is such a great way to feel like your business has a new, fresh look! You can easily hire someone to do this for a small fee (like $200-$400). If its merely simple updates, than usually it doesn't take a web designer long. Maybe you just need to update some photos, or the colors, or add more negative space?! Whatever it is, do it this spring and feel rejuvenated! (P.S. Did you know that people update their websites every 1-2 years now-a-days?! Crazy, huh?! Well, if you haven't updated in over 2 years, now's your chance!)

2. Export more duties to staff or hire on a VA If you've been holding onto control of certain tasks that are bogging you down and frustrating you constantly, hand that off to someone! If you have hired help already (either employees or independent contractors), spring is a great time to reshuffle the day-to-day operational tasks of your business. Try taking out just 2-3 hours of your tasks a week and delegating to someone else. I promise, it will be a weight off your shoulders!

3. Organize your email I know, I know, your email can be a daunting place. I personally REALLY need to go through my emails and put them into specific folders (hand raised, guilty as charged). I would highly recommend doing that. But, if you're not to that place yet--like me--then all you need to do is go through your non-read emails and either delete them or read them (get that pesky red bubble number , and also delete about 100-500 emails that are no longer needed. Email organization is a prolonged process, but doing a little bit now is a great spring cleaning task!

4. Clean your office Literally, just clean and organize your office! My assistant, Aleks, and I just did this last weekend and it FEELS SO GOOD! We both now know where everything is, can find things easily, and the office is fresh and clean which makes us want to work in it more!

5. Consider your yearly goals As business owners we often only think about our goals at the beginning of the year. Whelp, its been almost 4 months and what have you accomplished?! Probably a few things, but probably not all. Thus, its great to have a check-in with yourself and think about your yearly goals again. Maybe even rethink some and prioritize others?! Businesses are constantly in flux, so you never know what is now super important to your business that was at the bottom of the list at the beginning of the year. Thus, this spring, write down 5 goals you want to accomplish by summer. And, remember, they need to be SMART goals (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, Time bound)!