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  • FREE GDPR Consent Language!

    FREE GDPR Consent Language!

    I'm going to make this short and sweet. Peeps have been asking me to craft some GDPR language for them to use for their opt-ins and email newsletter sign up forms. Since I've been drafting away for the past week,...

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  • The Legal Paige - 10 Step Guide to Get Ready for GDPR

    Your 10 Step Guide to Get Ready for GDPR

    I’m sure you’ve heard about this thing called the “GDPR” and maybe even read my introductory blog post about this new regulation. GDPR affects any business that works with EU citizens or in the EU. This applies to businesses operating...

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  • The Legal Paige - How to Budget for Business

    How to Budget for Business

    Hi Friends!! With my background in economics and law, I truly believe that having a simple but necessary budget is important to be set up for tax success at the end of the year. This budget is made for Microsoft...

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  • Filing Taxes as an LLC

    Filing Taxes as an LLC

    It's tax season! (Duh, we all know that, Paige. Don't remind us!) If you're an LLC--which most small businesses are--you are likely wondering if you need to chat with an accountant, a lawyer, or just use an online product like...

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  • The Legal Paige - Photography Copyrights: What you should know!

    Photography Copyrights: What You Should Know!

    One of the most asked questions I receive from professional photographers is: "How can I ensure that my photos are copyrighted correctly?" There are many layers to copyrighting for photographers, but its great to first know the basics, and then...

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Lawyer + Educator

Founder and attorney at The Legal Paige, Paige is a certified Juris Doctor who helps entreprenuers become legally compliant online. Law aside, she's really just a small town Montana momma who loves her family, the lake, and a good glass of red wine.

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