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Episode 13: My Go-To Implementation Strategy

Episode 13: My Go-To Implementation Strategy


Hey hey!! Today's episode is a continuation of our biz talk from last week and is all about the implementation strategy I use when I’m working on creating a product, launching something, or really doing anything business related. People always ask me how I have time for things and how I do it all. Well, I don’t do it all, let's get that straight. But I do a lot of things and do them well. I’ve got a plan each time I want to implement something and make sure its all planned out, that I have time, that I have the budget, and all my ducks are in a row. So this episode is literally my step by step process to implementation. Let's dive right in.


In this episode we talked about:

  • Growing a profitable and successful business through proper implementation.
  • The steps in order for each project implementation: <1> Brain dumping <2> Filtering through them <3> Making a timeline or calendar of that specific project <4> Reevaluate <5> Pull your audience <6> Block off time in your schedule <7> Just do it.
  • <1> Brain Dump: Having a designated place to get your all your ideas out.
  • <2> Filtering: Going through all the ideas and picking out the ones you really really love, pull towards, and are truly passionate about. Decide if the things you are really passionate about are going to truly move the needle with your business and growth.
  • <3> Timeline (calendaring): Writing down each step of the project(s) and putting a timestamp on them (how long it takes to do each project).
  • <4> Reevaluate: Decide if the projects fit within your business, schedule, and budget.
  • <5> Pull Your Audience: Asking people if your project is a good idea.
  • <6> Block Off Time In Your Schedule: Making time in your schedule to implement your project effectively. Calendar the project so it’s launched to your audience at a specific time.
  • <7> Just Do It: Implement the heck out of your project!


Here’s a few quotes that we thought were awesome:

<4:44> “It also allows my team members to see what I have brewing in my brain because oftentimes I just think it and I don't speak it out loud to people.”

<6:00> “If you're not passionate about it, it's never going to move the needle in your business the way you want it to and you're never going to make enough profit from something that you're just like, "ugh", this is something that I have to do.”

<8:238> “Through this filtering process, I want you to look at your list of brain dump stuff and think about each project and think hard if it's going to benefit your business. What I've also seen is that if you are trying to tackle a project or a task that is better suited for say next year and you do it too soon, then it's not going to be as profitable or successful of a project launch as you need it to be.”

<11:37> “The point of this step of my implementation strategy is it really helps you see how long this process of this project is actually going to take.”

<11:48> “I think this is where entrepreneurs actually struggle the most is they try to do all the things and they try to do them all at once and they forget that there's 80 million steps to certain little tiny projects that they forgot about and if you can't physically write down exactly how long something is going to take and you can't see the process from beginning to end of a certain project, I don't think it's a project you should ever be implementing into your business because in reality you aren't seeing big picture on that project. I want you to have a beginning, a middle, an end, and then the goal at the end, like what is your ultimate goal?”

<14:23> “During this reevaluation stage, I just don't want you to add too much to your plate.”

<15:38> “Lots of times the idea sounds really bomb in awesome to you, but then in reality, no one actually wants this thing that in project that you're trying to implement.”

<17:48> “This is where I see a lot of creatives and entrepreneurs and online businesses fail at implementing a project successfully because they don't calendar it.”

<19:49> “Just implement the crap out of it because you have to have that get it done mentality or it's not going to get done. Don't start a new project until you finished this one and you've launched this one and you've launched it the right way.”

Links Mentioned On Our Show:

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