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Episode 14: Finding the right mentor for you and your business

Episode 14: Finding the right mentor for you and your business


Now today is another one of my quick business tips and I am specifically talking about mentors because we all have them and we all use them, but it's important to find the right one for you, but to do so you have to be introspective and you have to think about what you want first and then you pair that with someone that can lead you the best way possible. So, without further ado, let's get into this mentorship discussion friends!!!


In this episode we talked about:

  • Some of the mentors I’ve worked with over the past and some of the current ones!
  • Six little secrets on finding the best mentor in your business.
  • Step One: Finding someone that knows your industry. Ideal step for finding your FIRST mentor.
  • Step Two: Select a mentor that has connections. Vital for anyone new to the online world or industry space.
  • Step Three: Find a mentor that costs a good chunk of change. Spending a good amount of money motivates you to work hard to get a return!
  • Step Four: Figure out what type of structure is best for you to learn and to implement things that you want to in your business. Narrow down your mentor search to your style of coaching.
  • Step Five: Decide if you need more of a therapist or more of a hard ass! Do you want a more slow and emotional coach or more of a real-life-talk, no-bs, not afraid to give you constructive criticism coach?
  • Step Six: Stick with a coach for a good amount of time! Test drive before you buy but give it time to work!

Here’s a few quotes that we thought were awesome:

  • 5:33 “The right mentor can really shape the course of your business because it can ultimately help you generate more income, notoriety, more clout in the industry and more followers, you name it.”

  • 7:38 “You also want someone who knows the ins and outs of your industry because they are going to give you more specific and concrete advice.”

  • 10:17 “It's really helpful to choose the one that knows other people and has bigger connections and networking circles then you, because you can't grow and expand if your mentor is on the same level.”

  • 14:33 “When you spend thousands, you want that investment to have a return and so you're gonna work really hard to get it.”

  • 21:18 “Now remember back in middle school when you had like that basketball coach who yelled at you and scream things and maybe even broke a clipboard? How did that make you feel? And then what about the coach who cheered you on and saw you were struggling and stayed late after practice and gave everyone a trophy at the end of the season? Did you love that? Those are two very different types of coaches!”

  • 26:17 “People that get bitter about how much money they've invested in a coach or a mentor without reaping any benefits is probably because they haven't done the work effectively and they didn't allow enough time for the mentor’s suggestions to sink in and work.”

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