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Episode 59:  The Future Of Speaking Engagements and Conferences

Episode 59: The Future Of Speaking Engagements and Conferences


Today's episode I am joined by my really good friend and speaking coach that I had back in 2019 Jessica Rasdall. Jessica is talking all about speaking engagements, conferences, and events post COVID-19. Jessica is a motivational speaker bestselling author. Public speaking strategists and the host of the speak to scale podcast. She partners with entrepreneurs to help them scale their business and impact from the stage and coming from experience.

Things we talk about:

  • The future of public speaking events and what that looks like going forward.
  • How to still make an impact at conferences no matter what the layout may look like.
  • Jessica's top tips on how speaking engagements can make an impact on your business.
  • Her biggest piece of advice when it comes to creating your speaking engagement speeches and how that will likely shift in the future as well.
  • How the conference and event industry had to quickly pivot in the wake of COVID-19.


Here are a few quotes:

"We want to look at your business deep inside and say, how can we leverage speaking on podcasts on live streams at conferences? Virtual summits to scale what you're already doing and you were in such a great position to leverage speaking."

- Jessica Rasdall on leveraging speaking engagements in business.

"They're going to lose speakers along the way, and their eyes are open. They're watching right now for the people who are showing up and serving their audience through the thick of it, without asking for anything in return. So if you have been hiding, you're waiting for platforms to come back. This is your opportunity to make your own because the organizers are watching."

- Jessica Rasdall on what you can be doing right now with your platform.

“As you're looking at events, make sure you're in front of the right people for your offer. People who can actually benefit from it, the people you created it for because then you get into that groove of it being seamless, where you're just serving them and answering their questions."

- Jessica Rasdall on what to look for in speaking engagements.

"Your message, your story, that's going to be translated and poured into your people. That's on you and that's the part that you get to control and you get to determine. It's the legacy you leave behind."

- Jessica Rasdall on removing the how's when it comes to speaking events and focusing on the message.

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