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The Entrepreneur’s Agreement Toolbox!

Episode 6: The Entrepreneur’s Agreement Toolbox!



It’s here!! The Entrepreneur’s Agreement toolbox!!! Today’s episode is all about the agreements you need to know as an entrepreneur. This is one you don’t want to miss! Like episode 5, this is another one of my foundational episodes that I (and my guests) will refer back to and expand upon! I am talking about the general big-picture agreements you need as an entrepreneur! Don’t know what these are? That’s why I’m here. You can come back to this episode whenever you need a new agreement. Grab your favorite beverage and let's dive into these must-have contracts!

In this episode we talked about:

· Five different categories of entrepreneur agreements: Business Agreements, Clients Agreements, Worker Agreements, Website Policies Agreements, and Miscellaneous Agreements.

· What an LLC Operating Agreement is, when you need one, how one can be created, and what happens if you don’t have one. I also mention the Prenuptial Agreement between partners!

· How to utilize a Client Agreement and when to have one. This agreement mostly pertains to every single one of you listening today!

· Worker Agreements also being known as Independent Contractor Agreements and Employee agreements and what the difference is between them. It is also important to ensure a confidentiality clause is set when in an agreement is made, as well as ensuring intellectual property agreements are thoroughly noted.

· The importance of the Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policies for Website Policies and Agreements. We also talk about what they are what they should say! I also mention the use of a disclaimer on your website!

· What Miscellaneous Agreements are and when you’ll need them as your business grows!

Here are a few quotes that we thought were awesome:

<2:11> “Remember that an agreement is a negotiated and legally binding arrangement, between parties, usually between two people, but it can be between more, as to some type of course of action.”

<4:37> “An Operating Agreement is a contract that controls how an LLC operates.”

<5:36> “You will also include what happens if your business shuts down, and this is what we call as Dissolution and Winding Up your LLC in the legal world.”

<7:17> “Without and Operating Agreement, your business looks a lot like a Sole-Proprietorship, which has absolutely no liability protection.”

<8:02> “If you are in business with another person, you definitely need a written agreement with all of the co-owners of that business.”

<9:56> “Contracts with clients should really just state all of the material terms of your agreement together.”

<11:22> “Limits on what your independent contractor or employee can do with your information, and this always usually includes some type of confidentiality clause.”

<15:49> “If you have a newsletter or you’re asking for people’s contact information on some type of form on your website and you’re collecting their information and maybe putting them into a newsletter or email list for marketing and advertising purposes, you MUST have a privacy policy.”

<21:14> “A disclaimer pretty much says, I can state that all of these things are true on my website, but I don’t guarantee your results.”

Links Mentioned On Our Show:

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