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Episode 64: TLP Legal Ladies Chat: The Legacy of RBG (strengths, flaws, and why you must use your right to vote).

Episode 64: TLP Legal Ladies Chat: The Legacy of RBG (strengths, flaws, and why you must use your right to vote).

I am sitting down with my legal team from The Legal Paige, Melissa and Taiyler. We are getting into a candid conversation about another legal lady that we are very fond of and sadden to hear of her passing Ruth Bader Ginsburg, who is better known as RBG or the notorious RBG. We also discuss the importance of using your right to vote and how elections really shape the cities that we live in, our states, and the whole of our country.

Things we talk about:

  • The history about RBG's biggest cases.
  • The lasting impact she made on not only the legal world as female attorneys, but also the world as a whole and the nation.
  • What she has done for our country!
  • Some flaws in her legal career in her time on the bench
  • At the end the three of us discuss the importance of using your right to vote!

Here are a few quotes:

"My whole goal here with this episode is not to be like RBG was the most amazing person, even though she was. And I truly believe that. And some of you may differ your opinions. I totally respect that, but I think what she did on the Supreme court forever changed how Americans and particularly females and gender discrimination laws changed." - Paige on how RBG forever changed females and gender discrimination laws. 


"I was sitting there one day and I was studying and I was kind of a miserable first year law student because you're just drowning in work. But I looked up and at the time, the very bottom it's just like all these white dudes, and then at the bottom it has the staff and there's Ruth Bader Ginsburg, a little picture of this little woman with her glasses. That was just cool to me to see it starts to change with the years and she was this force. I think she was the second faculty member who was a female at Rutgers law and that peaked my interest." - Melissa on seeing old law school photos in first year and seeing photos the 50's/60's and seeing RBG amongst a class of white men. 


"I think RBG opened so many doors for so many people in particular people that look like you, me and Melissa.  I think that in doing so I think she left a lot of doors closed and I think you can only expect so much out of one person.
Does that excuse what she did?  Absolutely not in some aspects, but I think that kind of in the way she approached her Supreme court cases, you have to lay brick by brick.  I think that in this case, there's totally room for other people and I think that she opened the door to a lot of women to feel okay.  In sharing their opinions, not to feel bad about it, and to not feel bad about being the smartest person in the room.  To actually shoot for the total ceiling, because you can do it and you can get there." - Taiyler on RBG opening the door for women. 


"Do your research on a local level, your general, your local judges, any elected official in your local area, do some research and figure out who you're voting for, and that those votes matter to directly to your communities." - Melissa's thoughts on doing your research in politics at your local level. 

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