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Episode 83: Stop Being Afraid To Name Your Price With Ben Ramos

Episode 83: Stop Being Afraid To Name Your Price With Ben Ramos


Today's episode is all about why we need to stop shying away from naming our price as service professionals and being empowered to tell potential clients what that price is. I am bringing on to this episode, Chicago wedding photographer, Ben Ramos. Ben is the owner and lead photographer of the Ben Ramos photography. Ben is also a coach in the wedding industry and entrepreneurial world, and he has a lot to say about his business trajectory with pricing and being able to price appropriately for your business and for your clients and for your region.


Things we talk about:

  • What goes into even deciding any price wether you are just starting out our years in the industry.
  • How to think about structuring your price and Ben's top tips.
  • How to name it to your potential clients with confidence and why we need to never downgrade our worth. 
  • What you need to know about your first price increase (or any price increase) and how to not let your nerves take over. 


Here are a few quotes:

"You can't like when you're thinking about, okay, today, maybe I don't feel like I am. Maybe worth this dollar amount, but you have to think about yourself in a future tense because you are booking for yourself, you know, anywhere from a year to two years out. So one thing that I think that you, the way that I tried to measure, you know, how to price yourself, it's really comes down to three things." - Ben Ramos on your first price increase


"Have the checkup from the neck up and make sure that you are not just overshooting and you don't want to put yourself in a bad place where you're not able to get any business because you are just extremely overpriced." - Ben Ramos on pricing and what you deliver as a photographer


“You need to take a collection, take a step back and think about and see what, how much people are already paying you and build your prices based off of what, you know, you are already worth, you know, what the people have told you and your clients have told you that you are worth do not just shoot in the dark and, you know, just be patient. It is not an overnight thing." - Ben Ramos on looking at your pricing and building upon that


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