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Episode 89: Sticky Legal Situations To Avoid As A Bridal Stylist

Episode 89: Sticky Legal Situations To Avoid As A Bridal Stylist

Today's episode of The Legal Paige Podcast is for the bridal stylist out there. I'm talking specifically about hairstylists in the wedding and event industry because I am sitting down with bridal stylist and educator Renee Marie. We are talking about the sticky legal situations you're going to want to avoid as a bridal stylist.


Things we talk about:

  • What Renee Marie wished she would have known when she first started out as a bridal stylist.
  • The ins and outs of making sure you're legally protected as a bridal stylist.
  • How to handle certain sticky situations like late payments, etc.
  • Why it's crucial to have an indemnification clause in your contract as a bridal stylist and what exactly it can help protect.

Here are a few quotes:

"If you have your checklists down of everything that you need with your business. Then there is no going backwards because you're not feeling as confident enough as you can be because you don't have these things in place. Just try to have your things in place." - Renee Marie's advice for new bridal stylists 


"Add more time on your timeline, even 30 minutes. Use that time to take some photos of the bridesmaids or to just relax, take a second to clean up your stuff, and not be rushing out of there. But have more time just in case someone needs any tweaks or adjustments. - Renee Marie's advice on how to handle tweaks and adjustments after being styled


"Make sure you have your fees in place in the contract. So if they want to make a change, or add in extensions, etc. You can then say yes but it's going to be this additional fee. Or let's say the photographer wants photos without the veil on first. Instead of standing around and not getting paid... I tweaked my contract and said, hey, there's going to be  an hourly rate, if you'd like me to stay to apply your veil to your hair after the photographer has gotten all the shots." - Renee Marie on adding in an hourly rate into contracts


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