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Episode 98: How To Legally Hire An Associate Photographer

Episode 98: How To Legally Hire An Associate Photographer

Today is all about legally hiring an associate photographer and ensuring that you basically are crossing all your T's and dotting all your I's. As I've spoken at conferences lately I have noticed one common theme, how busy photographers are, and how to hire an associate photographer legally


Things we talk about:

  • My top tips for hiring an associate photographer. 
  • How hiring an associate photographer is not exactly an easy task.
  • The risks liabilities that you are taking on when you hire an associate photographer. 
  • Are you preparing yourself for if any audit were to occur from 2021?

Here are a few quotes:

"When you are just bringing on a sole photographer as an associate for your business, for a select event or session, the two big things I want you to ask of them. One is, make sure they're using their own equipment, and to make sure they have their own business insurance. So lack of insurance is an issue, found more so with contractors and that's because an employee falls under your business's insurance."

"You need to have what's called kind of NDA non-disclosure language in your independent contractor agreement. This can also be just a confidentiality clause. You can have them sign an individual like one pager NDA, and you want to have solicitation clauses in your independent contractor agreements when hiring on associate photographers. Those just state that associates can't promote their services or represent themselves while working on an event under your brand now for employees."

"The other thing you need to do is you need to add clauses to your client contract and some people forget this. You need to make sure that you've legally agreed to an associate photographer in your existing contract and because things are changing so drastically right now with what's happening in the industry and the busy-ness and the client overload."


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