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The FIRST EVER, Fully Comprehensive & Customizable Contract Template For Adventure Elopement Photographers!

It doesn’t matter if you just started your biz 30 days ago, or you’ve been in business for years, as elopement photographers you havea lot  more risks to be aware of with your services (ahem, mountain top weddings + treacherous hikes to get to those special locations).

The good news is, you’ve landed in the right place. 

Maddie Mae and The Legal Paige have teamed up to bring you the ultimate (and we mean ULTIMATE) adventure photography contracts that are customized to the distinct needs of your business.

Template Features

Every template is prepared by The Legal PaigeLLC, attorney drafted and reviewed, and created specific for your industry.

Every template is created with easy-to-use fill-in-the-blanks for your unique business. We make it simple to identify what information you need to input with highlighted, editable sections.

Once you’ve finished, you can quickly copy/paste into your client management software, Google Docs, or Microsoft Word to send to clients in a snap.

All language is 100% legal mumbo jumbo free (aka no complicated legal terms).

Plus, you'll get free access to future template updates from The Legal Paige

All downloads come with .Docx, .Doc, and PDF formats that you can open in Microsoft Word or Google Docs.

What if you could ensure that you have every clause you'd ever need to protect yourself as you hike steep slopes with your clients, snowshoe up a mountain, or get caught in a huge thunderstorm in a remote location?

You’ll finally have that much-needed STRONG and LEGITIMATE legal foundation for your business that allows you to sleep in peace at night.

No more stress over those crazy *what if* situations you fear of - everything would be perfectly in place each time your clients book you for an adventure elopement or session.

Paige has truly covered everything in these templates!

"Hey there! I’m Maddie Mae. I’m a Colorado-based adventure elopement photographer, and founder of the elopement photography collective, Adventure Instead. Over the past 5 years, I've photographed adventure elopements all over the world: on the top of mountains, at the base of waterfalls, on the edges of cliffs, up treacherous 4x4 roads, and in wilderness areas only accessible by helicopters. Elopement photography is an absolute dream job, but it comes with a lot more risk than photographing weddings in ballrooms and golf courses—which is why it's absolutely crucial to have a solid contract specific to this niche.

Standard wedding photographer contracts won't protect you from the increased liability that comes with outdoor adventures
, location scouting and helping your couples plan, and a plethora of other elopement-specific risks.

I can say that Paige has truly covered everything in these templates—including every situation my business has run into, having photographed over 250 adventure elopements so far.

So whether you're just starting, building your portfolio, or already a pro in this niche—if you don't feel 100% solid about your contract, this is an absolute no-brainer. Super grateful to Paige for putting these together to keep us all protected."

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