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The Legal Paige - Paige and Maddie

Maddie Mae, of Adventure Instead, worked alongside The Legal Paige to create the BEST Adventure Photography contracts in the industry!

It doesn’t matter if you just started your biz 30 days ago, or you’ve been in business for years, as adventurous photographers you have a lot more risks to be aware of with your services (ahem, mountain top weddings + treacherous hikes to get to those special locations).

The good news is, you’ve landed in the right place.

Maddie Mae and The Legal Paige have teamed up to bring you the ultimate (and we mean ULTIMATE) adventure photography contracts that are customized to the distinct needs of your business.

Why Clients Love TLP Contracts

Real customers, real reviews

This contracts is SO comprehensive! I'm so glad I purchased, it covers things I would never even have thought of. I feel confident moving forward in my adventure elopement business knowing everything witll be addressed from the start with my clients. Paige does such a phenomenal job making sure every single thing is covered and I'm so happy I made the investment!

Andrea Doss

I cannot say enough good things about the Legal Paige Contracts! So far I have purchased the Adventure Elopement Photography Contract, The Rescheduling Contract & The Cancellation Contract. I cannot believe how robust these contracts are, especially the Adventure Elopement Photography Contract - it covers literally everything - no joke - EVERYTHING! When I was initially reading through it I was literally BLOWN AWAY by all the sections & clauses I did not currently have in my pieced-together-over-a-few-years contract. [...]

Cassandra Oldenburg

I love that we get updated contracts on the ones we purchase! It makes me feel secure and confident as a business owner. I also just love the commitment from you and it shows you care about our business always being protected. It makes it totallyyy worth the investment

Danielle Dziedzic

I've spent good money on other contracts for photographers but none are as complete as these contracts. I absolutely love the Adventure Elopement Photography Contract. If you are a photographer wanting to get more into elopement photography, there is a lot that is different from weddings and you absolutely need a different contract if you want to be truly covered. [..]

Malachi Lewis

"I'm all about adventuring & taking risks, but not without a solid contract."

"Hey there! I’m Maddie Mae. I’m a Colorado-based adventure elopement photographer, and founder of the elopement photography collective, Adventure Instead. Over the past 5 years, I've photographed adventure elopements all over the world: on the top of mountains, at the base of waterfalls, on the edges of cliffs, up treacherous 4x4 roads, and in wilderness areas only accessible by helicopters. Elopement photography is an absolute dream job, but it comes with a lot more risk than photographing weddings in ballrooms and golf courses—which is why it's absolutely crucial to have a solid contract specific to this niche. Standard wedding photographer contracts won't protect you from the increased liability that comes with outdoor adventures, location scouting and helping your couples plan, and a plethora of other elopement-specific risks.

I can say that Paige has truly covered everything in these templates—including every situation my business has run into, having photographed over 250 adventure elopements so far.

So whether you're just starting, building your portfolio, or already a pro in this niche—if you don't feel 100% solid about your contract, this is an absolute no-brainer. Super grateful to Paige for putting these together to keep us all protected."

Maddie Mae ◦ Adventure Instead