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It's Time to Avoid Sticky Situations!

It's Time to Avoid Sticky Situations!

The Heart U has partnered with The Legal Paige to bring you the most integrous, powerful contract templates.

Shooting a destination wedding, we got you covered!
Hiring a second shooter, we got you covered!
Bringing on a new virtual team member, we got you covered!
Starting a coaching program, we go you covered!

Be sure to check out our most recommended contracts listed above, or reach out to Paige’s helpful team at so they can point you to the best contracts for your particular business!

Why Clients Love TLP Contracts

Real customers, real reviews

"I love TLP contracts. They're professional and covers everything you could ever think of, and the things you would've never thought of. I feel totally covered with this contract and the others I've purchased. I also like that the language is easy to understand fort he client. I totally trust TLP and would recommend any of Paige's contracts!


Listen. I've purchased contracts from other lawyers before, but Legal Paige's contracts are so loaded!! Believe me, EVERYTHING is covered. It's so easy to use and she does highlight certain areas where you might have questions on and adds side notes explaining it since legal language can be confusing. I can't wait to purchase more contracts!

Priscilla Banuelos

I heard about TLP from my business coach and I have heard on so many podcasts having a legit contracts for your clients and your team is SO important. Getting the Independent Contractor agreement has been so helpful and it outlines items I never even considered. It protects me as the owner and makes e legit to the team. I am so thankful to have the help and resources, highly recommend.

Cindy Thurk

I love all of these contracts I've bought. They're easy to understand and simple to edit with the guide that comes with it to adjust. Perfect!!


"Business shouldn't feel like you’re walking on egg-shells. And yet, that's how most of us feel when we first start our business, petrified to make a wrong move or have an unhappy client.

One of the first foundational steps of owning your own business is protecting yourself legally with contracts, (yes even for family & friends!)

Contracts allowed us to walk in confidence as we grew our photography businesses. Paige has helped us every step of the way with her rock-solid contracts and we feel extremely confident and protected using them.”

- Lindsey Roman + Evie McLeod ◦ The Heart University Lindsey Roman, Wedding Photographer + Business Coach + Educator Evie McLeod, Serial Entrepreneur + Business Coach + Homemaker Founders of The Heart University@theheartuniversity and The Heart & Hustle Podcast