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In The Legal Paige Podcast, we cut through the legal mumbo jumbo and make “scary” things like taxes, finances, business structures, and contracts EASY.

You’ll hear from industry leaders on specific topics, and will walk away with bite-sized action steps for making your own entrepreneurial dreams come true. Grab a cup of coffee (or your fave adult beverage) and let’s make your business legally legit.

Welcome to this episode of The Legal Paige Podcast. Today is all about makeup artistry and what you need to know to be legally legit as a makeup artist in the wedding and event industry. I am so excited to have makeup artist Erin Nay join us today for this episode!
Welcome to this episode of The Legal Paige Podcast! Today, I am going to share with you my five tips to ensure you're protecting your brand. This is a very legal centric and legal heavy podcast episode, so really let's just get into it. 

Welcome to this episode of The Legal Pagie Podcast! Today's episode I am going to be chatting about team building, how to hire, manage, and onboard specifically a remote team. Now the reason behind why I'm talking about only remote teams is because The Legal Paige is almost entirely remote. 

Welcome to this episode of The Legal Paige Podcast! Today, is such an amazing episode because I also have The Legal Paige's copywriter Ana Woods!  We are going to be talking very candidly in this episode all about utilizing copywriters in your business! 

COVID-related podcast episodes

Episode 62: Wedding Safety and A Candid COVID-19 Conversation

This episode is all about how COVID has really changed since March 2020 and what you need to know specifically. Typically, if you are a wedding or an event and industry professional, that's a biggie for all of us dealing with this. Let's dig in...

Episode 60: Reopening Your Business Legally and Safely Webinar with Honeybook & The Rising Tide Society

This episode is going to be a little bit different than the others because it is a recording of the HoneyBook and The Rising Tide Society webinar that I did with host Natalie Franke.  We jumped on this webinar and had over a thousand people tune in.

Episode 56: What Small Business Owners Need to Think About as States Begin to Reopen

I am talking all about what small business owners like yourself need to think about as each individual state starts the re-opening process. As you listen to today's episode please also take a look into your state-specific guidelines as well.

GUEST podcast episodes

Episode 50: Covid-19 Discussion with Caroline Fox, J.D. of Engaged Legal

I wanted to sit down with my friend Caroline Fox, the owner of Engaged Legal, to discuss the virus, how it's effecting business owners, contracts, insurance policies, cancellations, financial situations, etc.

Episode 63: Must Have Principles As An Adventure Photographer - With Maddie Mae

Meet Maddie Mae of Adventure Instead, an adventurous elopement photographer based in Colorado who also educates elopement photographers across the world through her Adventure Instead Academy.

Episode 46: Moving from A Full Time Corporate job to Being A Full Time Entrepreneur with Jaine Kershner

I'm so excited to welcome my friend Jaine Kershner to talk about leaving corporate America and becoming a full time entrepreneur! Jaine is a hybrid wedding photographer, from the New York City area.


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