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Photography & Videography Contract

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If you're a wedding and event photographer AND videographer, this contract is for you! It is a DUAL contract, meaning that when clients hire you for both photo and video services for an event, they will only have to sign one contract. It's a super-comprehensive and in-depth contract that will ensure all of your video editing policies, photo distribution policies, artistic style, coverage, assistants, fees, and much more are all solidified at the beginning of your relationship. (Note: This contract is a DUAL contract with more in-depth contract language for photo and video purposes, so it is priced accordingly.)

This Contract Covers Situations Like

  - Requests for additional edits and questioning of your artistic discretion,
  - Clients not paying on time,
  - Bad weather on the event or wedding day,
  - Requests for a refund for unforeseen circumstances,
  - Timeframe for post-processing,
  - Video and photo coverage of the event or wedding day,
  - Editing restrictions on the images and video,
  - When clients can expect delivery of their online gallery and video,
  - Limiting your liability for things not going as planned on the event or wedding day,
  - Meals and breaks,
  - Travel costs,
  - Last-minute changes to the contract,
  - And so much more!

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Best Suited For

This contract template was created for DUAL wedding and event photographers and videographers who perform services at a venue (i.e. outdoor large venue or ballroom events/weddings). 

Purchase of this Contract Also Includes

   - All updates that TLP may potentially make in the future. We update this particular contract often due to changing circumstances in the event/wedding industry, photography, and videography world.
   - A ScreenFlow tutorial by Paige on how to use your contract template with our easy step-by-step process.

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Additional Questions

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- Names of Parties to Agreement
- Package, Pricing, and Session Date
- Fee & Retainer Clause
- Coverage Clause
- Cancellation by Client Clause
- Rescheduling by Client Clause
- Exclusive Photographer & Videography Clause
- Image Processing, Retouching, & Edits Clause
- Poses & Selection of Delivered Images Clause
- Delivery of Images & Online Gallery Clause
- Delivery of Video, Editing, & Audio Clause
- Artistic Style Clause
- Video Editing Revisions Clause
- Posting on Social Media Clause
- Inclement Weather Clause
- Meals & Breaks Clause
- Model Release Clause
- Archiving Clause
- Reproduction Clause
- Company Copyright Clause
- Venue & Location Limitations Clause
- Permits Clause
- Travel Fees Clause
- Clients' Responsibility to Secure Insurance Clause
- Communication Clause
- Confirmation of Day-of Photography Schedule Clause
- Harassment Clause
- Safe Working Environment Clause
- Indemnification Clause
- Maximum Damages Clause
- Limitation of Liability Clause
- Force Majeure Clause
- Cancellation of Services by Company Clause
- Sales Tax Clause
- Entire Agreement Clause
- Venue and Jurisdiction Clause
- Arbitration Clause
- Severability & No Waiver Clause
- Transfer Clause
- Headings Clause
- Notice Clause
- Counterparts; Facsimile Signatures Clause
- Signature Lines

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Some template documents are available in Canada, have been reviewed by a Canadian lawyer, and are drafted using general Canadian common law contract principles (not for use in Quebec due to civil law jurisdiction). Thus, if you purchase a Canadian template all language in the document will be applicable to your business operating in Canada. If you need assistance modifying the document, please find lawyer in your territory/province to help you.

How This Works

1. instant download

Choose your product and "add to cart" to purchase. Upon checkout, you’ll get instant access to your contract or clause in your email inbox within seconds. No waiting around for weeks on the lawyer down the street to draft a legal document that you're not even sure is legit.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Very thorough

It is easy to navigate on the template and very thorough. I feel better using this contract than my last for my services. I highly recommend!

Patty Betts
This contract is exactly what we needed!

Ever since I started using this contract I feel so safe in our business when providing both photo and video services! It has everything you need to have you covered! Would definitely recommend this :)

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